June: Upcoming VSO Downloader 5, new avatar, get ConvertXtoVideo for free, boost your conversion speed

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Coming soon...
VSO Downloader 5
It's almost here and it's going to change EVERYTHING!
More websites and protocols supported, more videos downloaded, more fun!
Stay tuned for the official release!
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New website
We are busy working on a new website design....
and we need a mascot!

We've narrowed it down to three choices:
- a cute resourceful robot
- a knowledgeable tech girl
- or a clever multi-tasking octopus

Click on the link below to vote for your favorite avatar!
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New software feature!
Improve image quality when converting vhs tapes
In ConvertXtoVideo you can now improve the image quality of VHS files! Once you've retrieved the video from the VHS (see guide below), load it into ConvertXtoVideo, click on the Advanced Settings, then on the film clap icon, and you'll find the Image enhancer for VHS under Image enhancements (see screenshot)
How to transfer VHS to PC
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Super PC Cleanup is a must-have program to protect, clean, boost and speed up your PC. It's a great match to our ultimate video converter ConvertXtoVideo for speedy conversions!

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Did you know?
How to get quicker conversions to DVD?
If you want your conversions to DVD format to be even quicker, skip the chapter menu creation: it's a step that takes up a lot of resources and considerably slows down the end of the conversion. Find out more in our guide! 
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And finally
Newsletter survey
A big thank you to all of you who answered our survey about this newsletter last month.
And congratulations to the 5 winners of a Goldmember license!
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