Summer Issue: special discount, new beach menu, music playlists, the importance of a VPN, our new avatar

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Summer is coming!
Holiday discount
Let's celebrate the 4th of July (or just the summer time)!  Enter the coupon WAVE to get 20% off your favorite VSO program! (valid until July, 6th)
Get 20% off!
New Menu template + Audio
Give your videos some sunshine with our new Beach DVD/Blu-ray menu template that includes a soothing wave sound!
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Summer goodie
Our essential Summer playlists
Our playlists cater for every taste in music! Download them with VSO Downloader and simply transfer them to your phone/MP3 player/CD.
Let VSO rock your summer!
Listen to our playlists
summer playlist by VSO
Did you know?
What is a VPN and why do you need one?
Everybody's talking about Internet security and how Virtual Private Networks can enhance your protection against hackers and let you access websites all over the world.
Here's why you should join in!
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And finally
We have a winner!
A big thank you to all of you who voted for your favorite VSO avatar! 
The winner is the clever and multi-tasking octopus! Well, just like a VSO program, right?
Summer Break
We'll be back in two months with our September newsletter! Have a great Summer!
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