How to make an audio CD compatible with any CD player?

First download and install CopyToDVD by VSO Software de VSO Software

After opening the application, Icon on desktop or go to Start | All Programs | vso | CopyToDVD,click on Audio (figure 1).

Figure 1

Select Create Audio CD (figure 2).

Figure 2

Add the music files to your project by dragging and dropping the files into the project (white blank area), using the icons + Files +Folders icons on the top left of the project manager, or use the file browser displayed to navigate to your music files and folders to drag and drop them into the project. The file browser also identifies by color code and icon displayed which files have already been added, or are not accepted due to format. (figure 3)

CopyToDVD supports the following music file formats: MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, MusePack and APE file formats

Figure 3 (click here to enlarge)

Use the blue arrows to change the order you want your files to play in, the 1st song to play is the one at the top of the list. To listen to a file double on it or highlight the file and click on the play button next to the blue arrows. To remove files from the list, highlight the file and click on the red X next on the top navigation bar or right click on the file and select Remove. (figure 4)

Figure 4

Notice how big your project is and how much space is left or over passed by looking under project details on the left the CopyToDVD manager.

Figure 5

If you have not already, insert a black CD. If the disk is not automatically detected after a couple of seconds, you can hit the refresh button of the top navigation bar (figure 6). On the left side of the CopytoDVD manager notice the details show about the disk inserted (figure 7)

Figure 6

Figure 7

To burn your project press the burn button show in figure 6. It is recommended to reduce the burning speed to 4x or 6x as this will reduce the margin for errors and also increase the readability of the disk for picky players. If you have multiple CD/DVD drives or you the burning action does not begin, you may need to select the correct drive in the drive list show in figure 6 (in the example we see a PLEXTOR drive selected).

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