The goldmembership is a virtual package, giving you access to all VSO products, current and future products, for no additional payments and get free updates for life! Once you have purchased a goldmembership license, we recognize you as a goldmember and you can use any of our products.  Download one by one the products you want to use, and use the individual license keys to unblock each product.  

Already a Goldmember?

If you have purchased a Goldmembership but only have 1 key, generate your other keys for the othe products automatically here. Currently you can unblock CopyToDVD version 4 and Blindwrite version 6 with your Goldmember license key.  The other products require a separate key you can genertate automatically on the link above.
*It is a single user license, you can't share this code with another person and the key is limited for 2 computers (a desktop and a notebook for example).
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User Review
74 reviews

comment I purchased Gold Membership over 10 years ago, it is... comment
Philip M
31 March 2017

comment Become a Goldmember. I have been for years. This... comment
P A Ion
17 October 2016

comment The best software I ever used. Very easy to get all... comment
Adriana de Roode
08 May 2016

comment Still amazed by the software and the possibilities... comment
Adriana de Roode
01 May 2016

comment Software is great. But does not support BluRay 3D. comment
Andreas Pawlowski
04 November 2015

comment Your software works! comment
26 October 2015
United kingdom

comment Très content de cette suite de logiciels comment
Patrick Caudwell
21 October 2015

comment Do not walk, but run and buy this software. Not only... comment
22 September 2015

comment Gamme de produits très complète avec un bon rapport q... comment
Patrick Caudwell
21 September 2015

comment I in love with it guys comment
11 August 2015

comment As a Goldmember, I could not be more pleased with the... comment
William Driver
20 May 2015

comment Great software, I had a little problem with one item... comment
31 March 2015

comment Superb, none of the things that you don't need that... comment
07 December 2014

comment Such PLEASURABLE Programs and Top Quality! Always Great... comment
Kim Mathieu
16 November 2014

comment Been using vso products for years. And they just keep... comment
09 September 2014

comment over the moon, ease of use, fast conversion, and great... comment
31 August 2014

comment Hi, well i haven't used all the products just yet so... comment
John Willis
06 August 2014

comment Gold membership is the way to go. The software just... comment
Peter Green
20 June 2014

comment I wanted a comprehensive video software suite that... comment
John paul
14 May 2014

comment I was fortunate to stumble onto VSO products in their... comment
Dave Wall
01 May 2014

comment must be the best software available comment
10 April 2014

comment I bought the Goldmember because I like the programs... comment
10 April 2014
St louis, mo, United states

comment I have recently purchased your software Goldmember.... comment
Harold Reher
07 April 2014

comment One of the best software to be found. comment
Newton Anderson
28 February 2014

comment So far so goood comment
R lewis
27 February 2014

comment I have spent a lot of money on products that claim... comment
Gengis Ayhan
18 January 2014

comment I most likely won't use some of the software but the... comment
Allan MacDonald
03 January 2014

comment great product quick burning to dvd happy with all... comment
Jim mchugh
02 January 2014

comment Your Goldmember option is both useful and innovative.... comment
Marvin Chapelle
02 January 2014
Toronto, on, Canada

comment Best software of its type any where on the net. I would... comment
Brian Flaherty
17 December 2013
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