VSO: Describe yourself in a few words?
Spiros: first of all..I’'m crazy!!! he,he.... I am a person that really loves computing life, technology and all related stuff. if I have a problem I never give up with it until I find the solution. I think this made me the person I am now. I know a lot of things and I'm hungry to know more and more everyday!!!

VSO: How did you get to know VSO Software?
Spiros: I first knew Vso from internet. I was trying to find a program to make the movies that I'm downloading from internet into DVD with subtitles. thanks to VSO I found ConvertxtoDVD.
It was and still is the best program for this job.

VSO: How did you get in touch with us and become a beta testeur?
Spiros: My first contact was with Fabrice through Msn messenger. I had found some problems with Convertxtodvd and I was trying to get in touch with VSO to tell about them.
So I found the msn contact and started to help with Convertxtodvd at first. I tested the beta builds of Convertxtodvd and report to the bugs site about the bugs I have found.

VSO: Do you have a technical background? How do you know so much about video?
Spiros: I dont have a technical background. I only have experience of many years of using pc's and internet. I'm a kind of selfmade in the experience I have now. I always like to test and find things that others cant do it. maybe I'am a small genius, I dont know!!!

VSO: Do you help VSO on a regular basis ? How much time do you spend helping them?
Spiros: I'm currently translating all Vso products into Greek language. I'm also in touch in regular basis with the developers of Vso and try to help them and improve Vso products as much as I can.
I'm doing a lot of tests of Vso products and new beta builds and new products. I dont have the time for more, but if I know something that it can help others in forum of course I try to help them but i'm not so active in forums. but I'm always there.

VSO: And finally, why did you decide to help VSO? What are the benefits?
Spiros: I was trying a lot of time to find a program to do what I wanted to do. Convertxtodvd make it real for me. I love this program. so I decided to translate it into my language for all Greek users. But over the time I wanted to do more with Convertxtodvd and other Vso products. So I try to do more. I was testing all the products of Vso and made the corrections and improvements that I wanted to add.
About the benefits: I am so happy when something I found or something I suggest, I see it in Vso products. That makes me so so happy!!!