Interview of Felicia Maviane Software designer for VSO Software
November 2011

VSO: Can you describe yourself in a few words
Felicia: My name is Felicia and I am Spanish (Catalan), but I've spent most of my life living abroad (I have been living in France for 18 years now). Our PR would say that I'm a geek, but I lack the focus to be a true one, I'm much more interested in food, music and movies than in technology. My colleagues say I have strange musical tastes, and maybe, just maybe, they are right ;)?

VSO: How long have you been working at VSO, and what do you do there?

Felicia: I have been at VSO for more than 2 years now. I started by working on photo projects, like B-wizer (a program to turn pictures into black and white) and the seam carving technology (to remove unwanted things in photos). I am now focusing on video programs. I developed the AVCHD editor (a free app to edit AVCHD files) and just released the VSO media Player.

VSO: Can you tell us more about VSO Media Player?

Felicia: Most other players on the market don't support the Blu-ray structure, which is one of the reason why we developed VSO Media Player. It plays Blu-ray / AVCHD files and folders and supports multi-angle and multiversion HD files. On top of that it is a versatile tool that plays both video and audio, without the need to install additional codecs and enables to make playlists. It's a free tool that ought to installed on every PC :-)

VSO: What future programs are you going to develop?
Felicia: Well it is no mystery to say that a HD/Blu-ray converter is our main focus for the near future.

VSO: And finally, what do you like most about working at VSO? 
Felicia: I am proud to be part of a small team where everyone has big responsabilities. I like that I can add my personal touch to the programs and the freedom we have to work on projects we care about. The coffee machine is a big hit too :-)

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