comment One of the best if not the best DVD burning programs out there. Easy to learn, fast, straight forward, well designed, and does not crash in a middle of a burn like three other programs I ran. Nice job Guys! comment
EJ Brandt
22 May 2015
Pullman, wa, United states

comment I love the newest version .. it converts all my video to DVD very quickly much faster than version 4 and the user interface is excellent .. and easy to use .. I love the quick wit when I hear program audio "damn we have a problem" comment
21 May 2015
United states

comment Hi. Easy to use and ability to create menus is a must for me. However I would like to be able to create more than 8 titles per DVD. Great that it converts directly from .mov files too.
I had bought wondershare video converter but that was disappointing as I could not create titles with words. comment
21 May 2015

comment Brilliant now. I used it quite a lot since purchase. Very pleased. comment
Paul Meredith
21 May 2015
United kingdom

comment I like this software. It is easy to use. I like the visual screen interface. The end result is what I was looking for. I now use ConvertXtoDVD when I want to use a quicker one screen visual interface. Thank you for this excellent product. comment
Dennis Rosenberg
21 May 2015
Acworth, ga, United states

comment I have just come back from a holiday and have made my grandchildren holiday discs and they think its great and so do i thank you very much comment
20 May 2015

comment Although it does the job I'm after it doing and seemingly doing it faster I personally preferred series 3 maybe this is because I'm an old man, anyway it is still very good. It is just a shame that my lifetime fee when I originally purchases Convert 3 wasn't accepted. comment
20 May 2015

comment I like usuing it when i do burn media to disc. comment
Bruce Gaetos
20 May 2015
Seattle, wa, United states

comment I use ConvertXtoDvD two-three times a week and have no complaint`s i can think of yet. I`am not the best at some of this, but i can get it done.. comment
Dennis Schwandt
20 May 2015

comment It very nice comment
20 May 2015

comment Love this is awesome !!!!! comment
Odell Anderson
20 May 2015

comment Works very well and easy to use comment
William bryan
20 May 2015

comment The program works great thank you comment
Pascual nieves
19 May 2015
Elkridge, md, United states

comment I've used it once and the video quality output is just as good as the original .
Paul Wegerich
19 May 2015

comment A breeze,quick simple menu,does what it claims,to easy. comment
David MacFarlane
19 May 2015

comment An excellent product at a very reasonable price! Easy to understand gui without the need to read instructions! Very quick to convert and burn. I burn Verbatim dual layer dvd's exclusively with no issues. comment
19 May 2015
United states

comment Fantastic software. Would recommend. comment
Phil Burton
19 May 2015
York, United kingdom

comment I have used this product for a number of years & found it to easily the best programme for dvd burning comment
Robert Drakeley
19 May 2015
Cardiff, United kingdom

comment Software works great. I tried 5 other packages before I settled on yours. comment
John Madden
19 May 2015

comment My 1st time creating a movie from my Go Pro and the Converter software worked great! comment
Nick DeFilippo
19 May 2015
Los angeles, ca, United states

comment Easy to use, fast and excellent results so far. Very happy. A great piece of software. comment
Ian simpson
19 May 2015
Watford, United kingdom

comment Brilliant application easy to setup and convert to DVD, only one little drawback not enough menu variations. would get 5 stars but for this little niggle comment
19 May 2015
United kingdom

comment I am completely satisfied with this product. Saved so much time and effort converting my files to DVD. I would highly recommend this software. comment
Dannee Fullerton
19 May 2015

comment Does everything it says it can do. No problem with the software. Love it. comment
John Puziol
19 May 2015

comment So far so good. I am still learning the menus. The combination of the high quality conversion settings and the menu options is why I bought it. I will be using it more in the future than I am now. I will give it 5 stars then I am sure. comment
19 May 2015

comment One of the best software's out. works when others don't and never had a bad dvd fail comment
Kenneth johnson
19 May 2015
United states

comment Great product - this is the second time i have purchased it comment
Helen Walker
17 May 2015

comment Excellent software, that easily and quickly produces professional looking DVD's. Since version 5, the quality of long projects has also improved dramatically, allowing whole program series to be burned to only a few disks. Recommended. comment
Mike Parfitt
10 May 2015

comment Great Software...User Friendly comment
10 May 2015
Herndon, va, United states

comment Brilliant software, just converter over an hour of NTFS video to pal, without any real difference in quality. This is the first time I have managed this and saves me from altering the settings in my dvd recorder comment
David p[everley
07 May 2015