comment Best company for dealing with digital media! comment
15 May 2016

comment love it but now i own a apple computer REALLY WISH THEY HAD PROGRAM FOR APPLE comment
John filocco
01 May 2016

comment This has been just an excellent program. I've never had any problems with it ever. I've looked at other programs but none were as easy to use. Keep up the good work. comment
Lyle Mildenberger
30 April 2016

comment Just love your software, I have been using it for years now and never had any problems.
Thank you comment
Pam Yates
30 April 2016

comment Works like a charm every time. comment
30 April 2016

comment This is the best conversion software I ever used. Never had a problem the many times I used it. You have great software engineers. comment
Larry Wolfe
30 April 2016

comment Convertxtodvd has all the good features that other programs have and more, but is very simple to understand. It is also the only program that I have found that will process the new hevc x265 movies. comment
James H. West
30 April 2016

comment Coulnt have a better software in order to convert from X to dvd.Thank you. comment
30 April 2016

comment Excellent product and so easy to use,also like the tutorial on cutting and editing.Thanks. comment
Dave Smith
30 April 2016

comment Fantastic

28 April 2016

comment This is an excellent product comment
26 April 2016

comment Wonderful comment
23 April 2016

comment I had version 3 of this programme and found and used it to burn my Holiday/Grandchildren videos. The latest version is easier to use and more intuitive than version 3. As just an average person with fairly basic computer skills I have found this it very easy to use. comment
Jacqueline Taylor
22 April 2016

comment brilliant comment
Darren vickers
21 April 2016

comment This is by far the best and easiest package of its type that I have ever come across, and the price is not inhibitive. Please keep up the good work. I'm proud to be associated with VSO Software. comment
John Curry
20 April 2016

comment Have been using this software for a number of years and love it - thank you comment
19 April 2016

comment I've used the software for as part of a VHS transition project and found it to very good and reliable. comment
Stephen Bell
19 April 2016

comment Very useful for transfering my home movies to dvd.. comment
Dennis Martin
17 April 2016

comment Have tried several products over the last month and a very happy with ConvertXtoDVD. It is so much easier to use and faster than anything else I tried. On-screen info is very clear. Nothing else comes close. comment
15 April 2016

comment Love this product. Using for many years. Look forward to many more years of this wonderful product. comment
Rhonda Curington
14 April 2016

comment Very easy to get up and running. The default settings work great. Impressive package overall. comment
Toby Bertrand
14 April 2016

comment I had #3, and I love this one, but I still missed the old menus with is whimpsical ovals and blk blue printing comment
4514 se
14 April 2016

comment Works great comment
13 April 2016

comment The best software I have ever used.! comment
Lucien Delery
13 April 2016

comment It Works Great! There's so much to learn.
New at this, ... Thank so much! comment
John Dorsey
13 April 2016

comment does what it says on the tin !

Paul R
13 April 2016

comment it just simply works. No issues, no complicated settings... just select your video and a dvd pops out. Very happy with it. Tr'es bien. comment
12 April 2016

comment A great piece of software. Covers all video types and great menu builders. Brill. comment
12 April 2016

comment This software is excellent. It does everything it is supposed to do in an easy to understand format. The resulting product is of excellent quality. comment
Rich Brumbaugh
12 April 2016