comment VERY GOOD comment
12 July 2016

comment I love the software. It's easy to use. I've been using it for about 5 years now. I'm so glad I paid for the lifetime upgrades. comment
Peter Radisa
07 July 2016

comment Thanks !!
I searched for 2 days for a ggod program....
This worked instantly !
Perfect ! comment
07 July 2016

comment compare to other software , its a greatest one & user friendly comment
Vijayan rajagopal
02 July 2016

comment Fantastic comment
01 July 2016

comment This is the best dvd authoring program and is blazing fast compared to others. comment
24 June 2016

comment fantastic i love
satifait 100/100
tank you comment
24 June 2016

comment Your support service is the best.Got me through the problems of initial install and subsequent glitches. Working fine. comment
Ron martin
23 June 2016

comment What I like most about ConvertXtoDVD is its consistent ability to output flawlessly programmed DVDs that function well across multiple devices. Thank you for a great product! comment
Mike F.
22 June 2016

comment awesome program fast and efficient never a problem comment
Ken Lowery
22 June 2016

comment Best video software on the market comment
David Twydell
21 June 2016

comment Great software, seems smoother and quicker than V4 that I have used for some years. Also I have ConvertXtoHD and this is brilliant as well. comment
Peter Miller
21 June 2016

comment Great product as always! Highly recommend! comment
21 June 2016

comment One of the best software programs that I have ever used. Great product! comment
21 June 2016

comment satisfaisant,rapide. comment
Vanassel claude
21 June 2016

comment Converts & burns quickly! I love it!! comment
Jessica Gourdon
21 June 2016

comment One of the best converters available.
Great software and Company. KUDOS!!!! comment
Michael J.Grey
21 June 2016

comment Excellent product. Nice visual appearance. Very sophisticated. Worth the price. comment
21 June 2016

comment excellent 5/5 comment
Tortolano jean-louis
21 June 2016

comment Great software, at a reasonable price, which has improved as time goes by. comment
Tim Stewart
21 June 2016

comment Great software comment
21 June 2016

comment Good software, and much improved from earlier versions. Thanks to all concerned. comment
Tim Stewart
21 June 2016

comment Excellent software comment
Rob Dicekns
21 June 2016

comment Works well, Thanks comment
20 June 2016

comment omg 3 times i've type this fkn mesage wind goes by and poof so my post 3 freeeeakin

i've been a dedicated avid user here and previous version had a problem with the menus which a very important factor in the program when you rease new version wouldn't you want to fix the broken featuref?

but nNO you not only that it's throwing .mkv extensionsd wow 1 major features could hurt or your product!
i even tried to edit the menu manually and it really quick to revert the number back i wanted 40 opacity and prog said noo put right back 100 ..

guess a real bummer to your endorsement

bring it and if you would please BRING IT NO! comment
18 June 2016

comment Very easy to use. Seems much faster then version 5 although that has never been an issue. I wish it would show the accumulated total of bytes so you would know how more you could put on the disc. Version 5 did and maybe this version does to I just don't know where to look. Marvelous product!! comment
16 June 2016

comment Best software at a reasonable price you're likely to find. Dependable customer service is another bonus. comment
16 June 2016

comment good software comment
15 June 2016

comment best program comment
11 June 2016