comment I have been using this product for 5 years. Love it comment
Alan Green
15 August 2015

comment This is the best ever !
I have not seen the like anywhere else! comment
James Shea
11 August 2015

comment Software is very user friendly. Prompt customer service whenever a question is asked. Couldn't ask for a nicer bunch of people or product. comment
Darlene Coke
10 August 2015

comment Easiest program to burn dvds I have come across. Love it comment
06 August 2015

comment ConvertXtoDVD has done everything I have asked of it and needed it to do, this has been the best investment I've made for DVD authoring!
I purchased the Lifetime upgrade as I think it's totally worth it, I don't see a need for replacing something that does exactly what I want and with 0 coasters in over 100 uses.
There are a couple of minor niggling issues with different builds some times that keeps me from a 5 star rating but nothing that is close to a show-stopper and VSO is very good at fixing them quickly.
Highly recommend this product and STAY AWAY from cracked versions, just buy the darn thing and never worry if it'll work again! comment
Dave Chapman
03 August 2015

comment Does that which is advertised.
Great software. comment
28 July 2015

comment Awesome product! comment
Charles LaVeck
26 July 2015
Dallas, tx, United states

comment Awesome product so easy to use!! comment
23 July 2015
Seven hills, Australia

comment Have used program for about six years and like it very much comment
Tom Morgan
19 July 2015

comment NOW works with Windows 8.1 comment
14 July 2015
United states

comment I'm still involved with the seven-day trial, but having used ConvertX for two projects, I am very well pleased. Seems stable and fast, and most important retains most of the original quality. I will be purchasing it. comment
12 July 2015
Omaha, ne, United states

comment This program is very useful and friendly to use comment
Manuel Alvarez
09 July 2015

comment I've been using the VSO software - ConvertXtoDVD from the earlier editions to this new .5 update. The program gets easier and better with each upgrade. Very reliable. Recommend to anyone. comment
30 June 2015
United states

comment Best s/w have been using fir almost a decade.
Thanks so much ConvertX
James Corea
James Corea
29 June 2015
United states

comment Love making dvds for long car rides so the kids have multiple movie on one disk. comment
27 June 2015

comment I have been using this product for years and find it works well. comment
26 June 2015

comment This is the best by far for converting other formats to DVD, it is very fast and flexible, easy interface, highly recommended. comment
Sonny Galloway
26 June 2015

comment Works ok, have not used it as much as I thought yet, so not able to give a full review in fairness. comment
Mark H C
26 June 2015
United kingdom

comment It does the job. So thanks comment
Cayetano Olivarez
26 June 2015

comment Great so far, fast comment
25 June 2015
Dearborn, mi, United states

comment Fantastic software. Highly recommended comment
Billy Bun Burger
25 June 2015

comment It was a mammoth task to get family members confident with setting and using DVD players etc. Now they refuse to get on board with streaming.
I find this program indispensable and feature rich which allows me to placate the elderly family members comment
D Thorrington
25 June 2015
Melbourne, Australia

comment It is the best converter that I have used I like the easy menu and it is quick comment
24 June 2015

comment Very good and easy to use comment
Allan hulme
24 June 2015

comment I find CovertXtoDVD invaluable in converting videos in different formats to DVD comment
George Grzeskowiak
24 June 2015

comment Your software is the most problem free, easy to use, easily understandable and reasonably priced software I have ever come accross!! I freaking mean does what it says it's going to do, it works on any platform and it never fails, ....I will be happy to read your blog. comment
24 June 2015

comment Love, love, love this.... so easy to use - and at last can convert the camcorder videos to share with family and friends. comment
Claire Speight
24 June 2015
London, United kingdom

comment Works great easy to use a high quality results every time. comment
24 June 2015

comment I've used a lot of convert to dvd type software but convertx is definitely at the to of the list. comment
23 June 2015
Auckland, New zealand

comment I have used convert x to DVD for years, this is the absolute best product you can buy, nothing out there can compete with it...... Joe comment
Joe phelps
23 June 2015
Lakeland, fl, United states