comment Windows 10, Intel 4790, 2 pass encoding done at 2x. Quality excellent. comment
Kevin M
05 October 2016

comment easy to every time thank you comment
03 October 2016

comment I know this program is only a trial and I have only used it twice but it seams to do a good job quite fast & you can convert more than one at a time thanks for a lend of this program Regards John comment
02 October 2016

comment exceptional software there is not better have recommended to all my colleagues comment
Sergio Ranito
01 October 2016

comment Tearing my hair out trying to get my Windows Movie project to play on my DVD. This worked - fabulous! comment
25 September 2016

comment probably the most reliable, comprehensive, efficient and user-friendly software of its' kind comment
Ivan Padovani
25 September 2016

comment Far superior to the competition. Wider range of options, much simpler interface. Well worth the purchase price. comment
Jeffrey jones
23 September 2016

comment great product comment
14 September 2016

comment Your products are very good, and easy to understand. comment
Michael Leach
13 September 2016

comment I'm just an old guy (78) cant afford to go out anymore, so have to download movies and convert, this is a fantastic program and happy to have found it.Just have to get as many movies with the free trial, so thank you.I only have the cheapest and slowest IT provider, so its slow work, not that I am in a hurry. comment
James bosch
13 September 2016

comment i've made 100s of dvds and cds and this is by far the very best software i've ever used. its the most customizable burning program i've used, and i've used quite a few different ones in the past. i've been using it for 2 years now and have had hardly any problems, and the couple small ones i've had have been swiftly taken care of by tech support ( even though it was something stupid i was doing ).there tech people have always gotten back to me that day or the next. it is inexpensive and saves a lot of headaches, and there are updates to the software quite often so they are keeping it fresh and problem free. i would recommend when buying to get lifetime updates. also unrelated to this software if you want to use printable dvds or cds on your projects (verbatim is the best ones) the epson all in one printer like the xp820 or xp830 does an excellent job. but whats so nice about epson is there print cd software . all the other companies have terrible software but epsons is very easy and totally customizable. Fred a comment
Fred a
13 September 2016

comment This program is far beyond 5 stars which greatly understates how perfect it is. I have used it for several years, there are other programs but they are in the pee-wee league in comparison. And, hey, don't be a cheapo, BUY the program, its worth every penny and shows your appreciation for all the time, effort and hard work, they put into making this beyond just the BEST!!!!!!! comment
Larry Greene
12 September 2016

comment Best ever AS DESCRIBED very EASY conversion, very user friendly! comment
11 September 2016

comment The best of them all.Thank you. comment
James bosch
09 September 2016

comment I love this software! comment
Renard Prather
06 September 2016

comment Have been using it for years and it just keeps getting better. It was great 5 years ago and gets a little greater each release. It always works when other software stumbles. comment
Mitch Rabinowitz
04 September 2016

comment Works exactly as advertised. Super easy to use. comment
15 August 2016

comment An excellent program that is user-friendly and has good features. Perfect for putting personal and homemade videos on DVD. Best converter out there. Highly recommendable. comment
09 August 2016

comment Works perfectly and fast, in a few minutes you have a dvd no other program can make.
Keep up the good work. comment
04 August 2016

comment VERY GOOD comment
12 July 2016

comment I love the software. It's easy to use. I've been using it for about 5 years now. I'm so glad I paid for the lifetime upgrades. comment
Peter Radisa
07 July 2016

comment Thanks !!
I searched for 2 days for a ggod program....
This worked instantly !
Perfect ! comment
07 July 2016

comment compare to other software , its a greatest one & user friendly comment
Vijayan rajagopal
02 July 2016

comment Fantastic comment
01 July 2016

comment This is the best dvd authoring program and is blazing fast compared to others. comment
24 June 2016

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satifait 100/100
tank you comment
24 June 2016

comment Your support service is the best.Got me through the problems of initial install and subsequent glitches. Working fine. comment
Ron martin
23 June 2016