comment Best DVD burner/converter I have found yet. Not only does it have a speedy burner but it also basically does everything on its own. A few clicks and its done! Definitely going to stick with ConvertXtoDVD from now on! comment
24 November 2015

comment Been using for years and will keep using. comment
Leslie p
12 November 2015
Woking, United kingdom

comment Brilliant! Does exactly what the makers of the software claim and does it simply and well. What more can you ask? comment
Rodney Cladingbowl
11 November 2015
United states

comment Fantastic software great updates comment
Stanley wright
10 November 2015

comment Very easy to use and very reliable full marks vso. comment
08 November 2015
Berlin, Germany

comment Great software please let me know of any new releases. comment
Don Steury
08 November 2015
Herndon, va, United states

comment Great program been using it for awhile now but for some strange reason when I apply the 2pass and the increase video quality setting it makes the quality worse....please fix this comment
Cody Lovett
07 November 2015

comment ***** Simply The Best ***** comment
06 November 2015

comment Great deal guys!!! comment
05 November 2015
United states

comment I've used ConvertXtoDVD for many years.

It does what it says it does, does it well and is very, very easy to use.

I haven't found anything as good or better.

The price is fair.

I swear I have no commercial connection to VSO. :) comment
John Jozsa
05 November 2015

comment Fantastic comment
Stanley wright 34400
28 October 2015

comment Very nice and easy to use. comment
Keith Vearil
27 October 2015
United states

comment I have used it a few times and find it very easy to use for converting files, i would recommend it to friends comment
26 October 2015
London, United kingdom

comment I've been using Version 4 of ConvertXtoDVD for a long time now and have always found it very easy to use.
When I decided to upgrade to Windows 10 I also upgraded to Version 5 and I'm very happy that I did. For the small cost involved I have a program that's running around three times as fast as 4 no matter what other programs I'm running at the same time, has an easy to follow menu and works with whatever type of video file I throw at it.
Congratulations on an excellent product!! comment
John Casey
24 October 2015

comment Very good, thanks! comment
24 October 2015
London, United kingdom

comment Very easy to understand and operate the basics, takes about the same amount of time start to finish as other such products I've tried, perhaps when I get the time to really learn all there is to know about ConvertXtoDVD I'll give it all five stars! comment
24 October 2015

comment Great product - easy to set up and use comment
Mike Kamens
21 October 2015
Los angeles, ca, United states

comment An reliable, easy to use product and good value comment
21 October 2015
Sydney, Australia

comment I have used the convert X to DVD 4 and now 5 for quite a few years. I find this program to be very easy to use and the final product that is produced using it is of high quality. comment
Melvin Holmes
21 October 2015
Irvine, ca, United states

comment Brilliant product
Produces very good quality dvds
Very user friendly
Highly recomended! comment
Martin Roche
21 October 2015
London, United kingdom

comment Good comment
Tony t
21 October 2015

comment Good but slow comment
21 October 2015
Berlin, Germany

comment Great converter of all formats. Woks great comment
21 October 2015
Melbourne, Australia

comment No problems at all with the product does everything its said to do. Highly delighted with it. comment
Lawrence miller
21 October 2015
Zurich, Switzerland

comment Very good fast and making dvds comment
21 October 2015

comment Occasionally partially crashes, continuing to perform encoding, but failing to update display including preview window.
It would sometimes be useful during coding to still be able to change burn/save details.
The coding speed of version 5 is far superior to that of version 4.
I like the setting up of defaults where only changes are saved.
John Pearce
21 October 2015
United kingdom

comment Great product. I especially like how we have access to new BETAs and a great forum community. comment
21 October 2015

comment The software is easy to use. It does a professional job converting the video files to DVD. I personally recommend it to other people. comment
21 October 2015
United states

comment I was used to an earlier edition of xtodvd and found that very good. When I upgraded my computer I needed to upgrade my software too. On offer was xtodvd 5. I could not resist. I purchased it and am very impressed.
It's quick and has many features which are easy to understand. I'm glad that I made the purchase and I strongly recommend it to anyone. comment
20 October 2015
London, United kingdom