VSO Media Player

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VSO Media Player

Free Media Player

  • Play video and audio files
  • Extra light and easy to use
  • No additional codecs needed
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Free Video Player

  • One player to read all your audio and video files
  • 100% free
    No adware and spyware, or toolbars

Easy to use

  • Drag and drop support
  • File navigation panel to jump from title to title
  • Create playlists
    add files and save as a playlist to use again later
  • Remembers your last playback position

No external codecs needed

  • No additional codecs needed
    reads all video files without additional downloads
  • All-in-one package
  • Free flv player

Mp3 Player

  • Supports various audio file formats: mp3, wma, FLAC, and more

Blu-ray & DVD compatible

  • Specially designed to be compatible with blu-ray files and folders
    If reading a blu-ray disk from your optical drive a decryptor maybe needed such as AnyDVD
  • Supports multi-angle + multi-version
  • Reads DVD and AVCHD .ISO files
  • Excellent HD Player and Free bluray player

Advanced settings

  • Edit the settings of Text subtitles: font, color, size, etc.
  • Control image: brightness, contrast, etc.
  • Use GDI or Direct3D
    Switch from GDI or Direct3D settings to see which works best on your computer giving you the best quality, or using less resources
  • Cuda support
    video card acceleration with support for nVidia video cards
  • Multicore support
    Increased stability for smooth playback
  • Audio booster included

Available in other languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Greek
  • Arabic
  • Russian
  • Norwegian



  • Blu-ray folder
  • DVD folder
    .wmv .mov
    .ISO (DVD + AVCHD)
    .rm, .rmvb (Real video)



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User Review
367 reviews

comment Very good player. comment
26 June 2016

comment Very nice software, enjoyed it! comment
Haifeng Wang
12 June 2016

comment excellent comment
05 June 2016

comment Excellent player comment
24 May 2016

comment very good
Muhammad shabban
21 April 2016

comment Vraiment, je dois avouer que côté vidéos/audio, c'est ce qu'il y a de mieux!
Après 30 ans de recherche et d'efforts, ça y est!
Vive VSO !!! comment
André Gauthier
18 April 2016

comment Fantastic Player for all Your Viedos and Music comment
20 March 2016

comment good programe comment
Magdey tolpa
17 March 2016

comment very good comment
Bahi rashwan
16 February 2016

comment Excellent, plays all type of files comment
Farook Unia
10 February 2016

comment amazing comment
07 February 2016

comment Videos run very smoothly with this no-frill player. comment
23 January 2016

comment A long time user of vlc player, but if you want to watch bluray content with any type of HD audio, then vso media player provides an exceptional experience. comment
22 January 2016

comment i have always liked Convertxtodvd but the new one is brilliant, i am so pleased i got it comment
Anne Davison
08 January 2016

comment This is the bast media player I have used. comment
01 January 2016

comment best player run all formate movies comment
30 December 2015

comment Very good well done comment
13 December 2015

comment Great piece of sofware
family memer lofe it's prfency comment
Harold Flint
30 November 2015
United states

comment It's good. comment
27 November 2015
Lahore, Pakistan

comment This media player is the only one I need. There is not much it does not play, and along with other VSO software to compliment it what more do you need... comment
Dennis Poyner
21 November 2015

comment nice job comment
M fahad
15 November 2015
Lahore, Pakistan

comment Reliable, easy to use, and free! What else can be said! comment
12 November 2015
London, United kingdom

comment Real Cool. comment
08 November 2015

comment Very good for organizing and viewing videos and music comment
Bryan K
08 November 2015
United states

comment nice comment
04 November 2015

comment The first software I can play every video format with... comment
Peter Hannemann
31 October 2015
Almelo, Netherlands

comment This media player is fantastic ! It costs nothing but worth a fortune !! A very well done VSO. comment
Joseph Debono
22 October 2015
Berlin, Germany

comment This Media Player is a commercial grade software. I like it... comment
Saeed Doman
06 October 2015

comment Looking for a free alternative to VLC player, I came across the VSO player... comment
01 October 2015
Woking, United kingdom
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